Learn How You Can Take More Breaks and Make Them More Effective

By now, you may agree with the research about how taking breaks helps you to reduce stress and be more productive. However, you can still wind up reaching the end of your day and realizing that you forgot about the downtime. Granted, it’s difficult to step away if you’re performing surgery or putting out houseContinue reading “Learn How You Can Take More Breaks and Make Them More Effective”

How Do You Know If You Need A Coach?

You will never know just how energized working with a Coach can make you, how sharp and productive you can be, and how much fun you can have in the process, until you have experienced it. Think about it, has there ever been anything in your life you have made a sensible assessment of whileContinue reading “How Do You Know If You Need A Coach?”

See How The 1% Rule Can Change Your Life And Your Results

Can a measly 1% improvement make a difference? It might not make a difference in a day, but regular 1% improvements can change your life! Sometimes we set goals so big that were too intimidated to even take the first step. Our brains don’t like the idea of big changes, which is why change canContinue reading “See How The 1% Rule Can Change Your Life And Your Results”

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Business

With smartphones at our fingertips, boundaries around business are more blurred than ever. Applications like Slack and Gmail make us radically accessible, conference calls can happen at any time of the day, and laptops make it easier than ever to work on the weekends. It’s no surprise, then, how stress begins piling up. Things happenContinue reading “Setting Healthy Boundaries in Business”

Clarify What You Want in Life With a Personal Development Plan

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a written plan for everything you want to accomplish in life? A Personal Development Plan is just that—it’s a blueprint for your life based on what’s important to you. A well-written Personal Development Plan typically reflects your keen sense of personal awareness in terms of what you wantContinue reading “Clarify What You Want in Life With a Personal Development Plan”

Position Yourself as a Leader in 20 Minutes or Less

For: The Owner, Manager, Leader…
While it could take years to climb the ladder up into senior management, tapping into your personal strengths is something you can start doing right now. Learn how to use your current assets to build up your clout in the workplace.

Why Would You Want to Hire a Coach?

Throughout history, every King has had an Advisor (Coach) in every culture. Every military leader has had a Strategist (Coach), every World Class Athlete has had a trainer (Coach), and every Entertainer has had a Manager (Coach). So why not you?