Welcome to EPS Coaching!

HI, I am Kami.

Your Personal Business Coach that helps 
you get your business making money,
efficient & ready for future growth. 

Coaching for you and your entire team. We will clarify your goals, guide you to understanding, give you a clear plan, and help you clear the way of any obstacles that stand in your way.

One on one coaching specifically designed to develop leaders to grow in three different areas so they can lead: themselves, others, and within the organization.

Training and development for both your entire team company, including yourself as the owner. How to find good people, keep them and move them along but also how to increase efficiency and productivity.

When you are ready the teacher appears…

We will start out working together by figuring out what your short and long term goals are, creating a strategy for growth that is achievable step by step, we fill in the missing gaps between where you are today and where you want to go for yourself and your entire team.

This is a hands on coaching program with high levels of accountability. If you have an hour a week to work on yourself and your business than we can do some powerful things together!

If you are ready to learn more, then head on over to Work With Me page!

“Your business won’t grow, until your mind does”

Kami Barnhart