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Small Business Coaching

Business Owners are their businesses most of the time, they are simply taking care of the day to day making sure the fires are getting put out, take care of customers, filling in for employees, assessing the health of the company, completing paperwork, and dreaming about plans they want to put in place one day to help grow the company and themselves as the owner, after all that was the dream.

Tomorrow comes and goes quickly, as we know the to-do list gets longer for you. The stress can get over whelming and and you can start to feel overwhelmed. Typically, what we find is you are wearing too many hats and we need to get re-organized.

So we will start off with a dive deep into your company and determine how we need to make a plan, so we don’t keep repeating the same frustrations week after week and more importantly removing last years roadblocks so we don’t finish this year with them.

No matter if you are a one man show or have a team of fifteen, we’ll guide you to understanding, clarity, and help you clear the way of any obstacles that stand in your way of your goals.

*Key Leaders can join coaching sessions

Coaching for your entire business

  • Goal Setting
  • Business Development
  • Money
  • Tracking & Measuring / KPI’s
  • Marketing 101
  • Sales Process & Training
  • Performance
  • Culture
  • Practice, Systems & Techniques
  • Accountability
  • Reports
  • And so much more!

Executive Business Coaching

Executive coaching helps leaders align values, talents, cultures and strategy with a tailored approach using coaching for leadership development towards their goals and challenges on any area they choose plus they get high levels of accountability.

This is 100% personalized and specific to the leader, company, and department

Together we will create a strong bond as we create a higher level of self awareness, develop new skills, change behaviors and unlock the potential you had as a leader and help set the pace for the entire company.

Three different areas

  1. Leading self
  2. Leading others
  3. Leading the organization

Training & Development

Focused specifically on individual behaviors and the needs within the workplace the coaching will offer solutions to many employee concerns.

Business Owners can improve the employers well being, increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

We will be using proven psychological principals and research tactics to help solve the biggest workplace and business problems that your company is having to help improve employees everyday and overall experiences.

May do some or all depending on needs

  • Collaborate with company HR / Leaders
  • Hiring, Onboarding, Ramp up
  • Encourage & train company workers
  • Analyze Job Performance
  • Improve company efficiency and internal hierarchy
  • Achieve work-life balance for entire company
  • Analyze consumer patterns better sales results
  • Company transitions and mergers
  • Decrease job stress

Running a Business is Hard, No Reason To Do Alone Anymore.