I appreciate you so much!!! No one has ever taken the time to help me out in marketing! Like REALLY taken time! And I appreciate every advice given!

Daniella – Owner of Lilly Cove Cakes

…getting some traction! You’ve paved the way! Miss you, Coach!


I am so grateful for you Kami Barnhart. You are a true inspiration and I am blessed to have you in my life….You not only helped me set my health on a much better path but you have made my days so much better. I love bouncing ideas off of you…my business is blooming. IContinue reading “Sara Fowler – Owner of Fowler 3.0”

Sara Fowler – Owner of Fowler 3.0

I got the job!!! I wouldn’t have done it without you, I am so excited!!! I can never thank you enough, I’m so excited Kami! I cried! Thank you.


You know me so %#&$ing well and you are so on point always. You made me feel so much better thanks again. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted. I’m going to follow my gut. You’re really amazing thank you, Love you!


You really helped me today. People think that someone who is a generally happy person, someone who finds the silver lining, someone who is always the encourager doesn’t need encouraged, but we do. Thank you Kami!!!


Kami Barnhart is such an amazing coach! If you’re on the fence – do it!

-The Book Lady

Thank you so much for being apart of Coffee-Chat also thanking for continuing to show up! You inspire me and so many others! You Sis, V

Venus – Host of Coffee Chat

Kami you are crushing it. You are bringing so much great energy and thoughtfulness and it’s appreciated.


I am happy that, once upon a time I worked with Kami Barnhart. You are one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. Thank you Kami. I just want to show my appreciation to you, that in a very short period of time I’ve learned a lot from you.


…I am so grateful to have a mentor like you. I look up to you so much and I appreciate you.


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